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Plant based face moisturizer
Puerto Rico.
Robert Avellanet

Puerto Rico

Plant based face moisturizer

I am a passionate artist, an entrepreneur, committed to excellence and well-being.  I have always believed that your image is your first impression and how you project yourself affects the results you seek.


From a very young age my mother encouraged me to take care of my skin, especially my face, that is why I've always used products to keep it looking as healthy as possible. But it wasn't until a few years ago that I started experimenting with just the natural.


I grew up among the mountains and beaches of Puerto Rico, a beautiful paradise that taught me that the Earth and I are one. That true riches and healing come from her. Therefore, the connection came as a message, so I put together a synergy of 100% natural elements and made a facial skincream without harsh chemicals or artificial preservatives. I named it JIBARA.


I have seen great results, and I'm over forty. Of course, I also combine it with a healthy lifestyle and this maximizes the results.


Where I grew up, JIBARA means small farmer, rural worker, or day laborer, especially from the mountainous regions. For me, it means my roots, my family, my childhood memories.


May you all rejuvenate, look and stay healthy always!


Robert Avellanet

Founder / Viva La Earth

Robert Avellanet, artist and founder of Viva La Earth

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